Custom-made graphics

We are a tight-knit team of ambitious professionals with many years of industry experience. We create high-quality game artwork on commission. Our artists work with 2D art in different styles. Our priorities on the job are ensuring the highest quality of the end product and meeting deadlines.
Our abilities: 

We work with different styles: casual, realism, comics, fantasy, sci-fi, etc. We can either work with specific art style of a given project, or create a unique style for it. We are available for creating:

Iconography, game objects
Character design
Promotion art
Concept art
Interface design
Full art direction of a project
Products we offer: 

Due to our extensive experience in game design we can easily navigate any technical specifications for graphics. This allows us to work on our tasks quickly and offer our own options for optimization of certain tasks.

Design of Events depends on the task

Locations / Casual 30-80 hours

Illustrations/Casual 24-40 hours

Locations / Realism 40-60 hours

Characters / Casual 16-48 hours

Characters / Realism 24-34 hours

Game objects / Casual 10-30 hours per one

Game objects / Real 24-32 hours per one

Concept-Art 30-40 hours

Promo-Art 40-80 hours

Game Logos 8-16 hours

Game Icons 16-32 hours

Interfaces depends on the task

3D 8-24 hours