• Casual Heroes

    An ironic mix of an economy-based city-building strategy and turn-based combat in our world after a flood. Graphics for this game were created by Owl Studio.

  • One day in London

    Have you ever dreamed of participating in a book’s plot? Of becoming the one to rule fate, to define the future of the heroes? Well, your dreams might well come true. Welcome to the world of dark mysteries, filling the quiet streets of old London city…

  • «Whoareyou»

    «Whoareyou» is a gamified English language course. Our designers created unique characters together with a complete set of graphics specially for this project.


  • We are at WN Belgrade'23

    Countdown to the upcoming WN Events Belgrade'23 scheduled for December 7-8th, 2023, in Belgrade, Serbia. Join our CEO Vera Velichko to discuss the future of art development!

    OWL Studio at WN Berlin'23

    This spring, the OWL Studio team will attend the WN Berlin'23 conference!

    We are at WN Belgrade 2023

    The OWL Studio team is excited to attend the WN Belgrade'23 conference!

    OWL Studio in the Game Dev Universe

    On Friday, September 30, the art director of OWL Studio Vera Velichko will make a presentation "Taking an in-depth look at Design" as part of the digital educational project "Game Dev Universe".

    We are at PLAYPORT CONF 2022

    Very soon our team will be in Kaliningrad at PLAYPORT CONF 2022 from September 3rd to 4th.

    OWL Studio at White Nights

    On July 5 and 6, the White Nights game developer B2B conference will be held in St. Petersburg.

    We are at DevGAMM Fall 2021

    This fall, the DevGAMM conference will take place online on November 17-19. OWL Studio team will participate in art reviews of game projects from different studios.

    OWL Studio at Game Dev Cyprus

    On October 8 and 9, a gamedev conference will take place in Limassol. Vera Velichko will make a presentation there.

    We are at DevGamm 2021

    On September 6-7, the DevGAMM game developers conference will be held in Moscow again! Vera Velichko, CEO and Art Director of OWL Studio, will take an active part in it.

    OWL Studio at DevGAMM Spring 2021

    This time DevGAMM takes place between 12-14 May. Once again we will see new games, teamwork, and many outstanding presentations!

    We are at DevGamm 2020

    On November 18, Our CEO and Art Director Vera Velichko will present a lecture at the online conference DevGamm 2020, called "How to build your personal Brand".

    OWL Studio at Russky MeetUp & Digital Region

    On October 3 and 4, the Eastern Digital Forum "Russky MeetUp & Digital Region" will be held in Vladivostok.

    OWL Studio at Russian Creative Week in Moscow

    A large-scale festival "Russian Creative Week 2020" is being held on September 7-13  in Russian cities.

    OWL Studio at GameDev CityFest

    On March 14 the GameDev CityFest festival for game developers will be held in Novosibirsk.

    Conversation with Andrew Kuzinskiy

    On Saturday, December 14, Andrew Kuzinskiy will host a lesson for artists at OWL Studio, with the topic being "The Meaning of Tone in Illustration."

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Hi there! Our studio is about making games for different platforms and doing all kinds of graphic outsource. The core team lives and works in Moscow, but distance is no restriction for true enthusiasm, and we also work with skilled professionals from Ekaterinburg, Kemerovo and Thailand.

It all started at the end of 2014, when we, a group of developers, had the same idea: the time was ripe to work on our own projects. We all had a long story in game development and were equally passionate about our work, so we just united our efforts. Our ambition was to create  games to be proud of, games to attract attention, games worth spending a lot of time on them.

OWL-studio is also a publisher, ready to share its knowledge and resources with young and resourceful teams. If you believe in your project and want to see it through, contact us, and may be we will help you on your way!



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Ours is an international team, working with people
from different countries: Russia, Ukraine, Latvia and Thailand.
We also gladly hire freelancers and achieve outstanding results.

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