Casual Heroes

An ironic mix of an economy-based city-building strategy and turn-based combat in our world after a flood. Graphics for this game were created by Owl Studio.

This is the most casual apocalypse we have ever drawn (or seen). The gameplay of the game is divided in two main parts: strategy (building and improving a base on an island) and battles (you can raid your neighbors or capture islands full of resources). Battles are done in the style of Heroes of Might and Magic: ready your unit, teach them additional skills and meet your enemy head on in turn-based combat.

We had 3 people working on this project. We spent 4 months on the graphics and 2 more fine-tuning the interfaces together with the developers of the client.


The game is currently in soft launch in Vkontakte. The game will be expanded in the future - more locations, a giant world map, visualizations for buildings being improved on the base, and more - which means that our artists aren't saying goodbye to these heroes yet! If you need high-quality game graphics, with deadlines met, contact us!

Project team: 

Maria Yartseva

Leading artist

Vera Velichko

СЕО, Art-director