«Whoareyou» is a gamified English language course. Our designers created unique characters together with a complete set of graphics specially for this project.


The learning process is turned into a funny story of adventures of a rural guy and a hipster girl in London. Trying to communicate with locals, they get in awkward and comical situations; every day they learn something new and interesting. “Whoareyou” is the first thing they hear upon arriving in Heathrow airport.

We did our best to create a unique visual backdrop in order to make the learning process much more easy and exciting and the product itself stand out. The characters are rather cute and funny, both the boy and the girl, and also their companion - the Prompting Cat, which appears each time the student gets confused. The interface is deliberately casual, assuring the user that it’s not all that difficult and important. Relax, it says, you can learn English with pleasure.



Project team: 

Anna Nikolaeva


Vera Velichko

СЕО, Art-director