One Day in London Chapter 5 — soon on iOS!

Dear friends, players and subscribers!


Chapter 5 of One Day in London is soon to be released on iOS. As you might have noticed, it has taken us almost a year to finish Chapter 5. The code for the final chapter arranges all the possible combinations from the previous chapters, and there are more mini-games in Chapter 4 and 5 than in Chapters 1–3 combined. 


Talk about an intense ending of the story!


As we've already mentioned, we are also working on a game set in the One Day in London universe. As porting Chapters 4 and 5 to Android will take as long as 8–10 months, we have decided to delay these chapters for the time being to focus all our attention on this new, exciting game. Players will enjoy completely new gameplay, tricky events, supernatural creatures and extraordinary demonological practices! But let's keep the rest of this occult knowledge hidden for now...


Players who bought the game on Google Play and are curious about Jeremy's story may contact us to get a PC or iOS key (of your choice) for the chapters they already own. We'll also give them a key for the next chapter for free! 
Please message us at info@owl-studio.net, and we'll give you all the instructions for obtaining the keys.