OWL Studio at Talents in Games and White Nights

On June 19 and 20, the White Nights game developer business conference will be held in St. Petersburg. The organizers of White Nights are also holding an educational conference named Talents in Games. It is split into two parts: lectures and workshops for artists (June 19), and programmers (June 20).


Our CEO and Art Director Vera Velichko will present a lecture at the Talents in Games, called "Artist on duty: how to work in TA frame without losing your creative spirit". It will address the issue of keeping a balance between creativity and performance, and also disclose a way to combine and strengthen both these qualities. It will also show the amazing opportunities for personal and career development that they can bring. She will also participate in the Deconstruct section at White Nights as a game art expert.


Want to discuss the lecture? Want to share your own experience? Have questions on other topics?
Feel free to approach Vera after the show! We value sharing knowledge, and are always happy to meet new colleagues and friends.


See you in St. Petersburg!