Tata Che Presentation

On Saturday, March 30, we welcome Tatyana Cherniychuk — known as Tata Che by many CG artists — to give a presentation entitled "Creating a character for animation."


Tata Che is a character creator working in the field of animation. She is a graduate of the Moscow State Stroganov Academy of Industrial and Applied Arts, and has completed seven different courses on Schoolism. She has also earned recommendations from experts at Pixar and Sony Pictures Animation. Tatyana has worked for several foreign studios, such as Magic Hill Animation Studio, Nickelodeon Animation, Blue Zoo Animation Studio, and Axis Animation.


Every story needs characters, which is why character design is one of the most important aspects of developing games and animated cartoons. This presentation will be extremely useful to 2D and 3D artists working on character design and development.


We'll learn how to create a character's personality, while analysing form, gestures, emotions, exaggerations and contrasts.


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