Workshop with Azat Nurgaleev

This Saturday, 26 October, Azat Nurgaleev will host a workshop for artists at OWL Studio, with "Working on dynamic of character" the topic!


Azat is the founder of Skills Up, a school of drawing and digital graphics, and curator of the drawing course. He has been sharing his experience in the fields of composition, perspective, design, plastics and the anatomy of the human body with young artists for many years.


Sometimes, when looking at a drawn character, it seems to us that it will fly off in a rush, run, dance, jump up or make a face. This effect is very difficult to achieve, but it's possible. That's what we will do in this workshop!


Azat’s workshop will be devoted to the different ways of showing the dynamics of characters in 2D. We will learn the theory in detail, and try to apply everything that has been studied in practice.


Included in the program of the workshop :
— A theoretical section about the plastics of the human body, showing dynamics in static poses, the nature of lines, and color for conveying movement;
— A demonstration of drawing character figures without real prototypes;
— Participant practice in drawing nude models, taking into account the techniques learned;
— Many personal recommendations from Azat to all participants!


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