Yuri Averkin masterclass

We extend a warm welcome to Yuri Averkin and his upcoming masterclass — "Composition in advertising photography" — that will take place this Saturday, February 16.


Yuri teaches photography and graphic design, while also tutoring contestants for many professional competitions, such as WorldSkills, Abilympics, and more.


The class will mainly concern the topic of composition.


Composition is the one of the key aspects of studying art and is the basis behind the structure of graphic design, photography, concept art, promotional art, location design, 3D scene composition and video production. You will learn a great deal about the different kinds of composition and their creation processes, as well as undertaking practical activities.


Topics covered:


— The psychological and physiological aspects of human perception;
— Scene composition in photography and advertising;
— Composition techniques in different kinds of photography;
— Lighting techniques.


We will also be showcasing industry-grade lighting equipment used in professional advertisment production.


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