We are at PLAYPORT CONF 2022

Very soon our team will be in Kaliningrad at PLAYPORT CONF 2022 from September 3rd to 4th.


OWL Studio Art Director Vera Velichko will take part in the round table "GameDev in Russia: realities and trends "today", prospects and expectations from "tomorrow"" and will make a presentation on the topic "Imposter Syndrome - what it is and how to work with it".


"Imposter Syndrome" is not just about feeling like you don't fit with the position you occupy. All possible doubts grow from this root. Will I succeed? Whether correctly I understood the task? Is my speed and quality of work are normal? Perfectionism, procrastination. Difficulty of getting started and finishing work. Low learning rate, fears and anxieties associated with a career future. Very often we try to solve all these problems with external methods - for example, to fight procrastination with discipline, or to achieve something in order to calm down and understand that you are worth something. This seems logical, but in fact it only exacerbates the problem.
Let's talk about what "Imposter Syndrome" really is - and how we can help ourselves by being careful and attentive.


Come listen, ask your questions and share your experience! We'll be happy to communicate.